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My name is Lineth and I facilitate Compassion Cultivation Training - CCT©, a wonderful program developed in the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University School of Medicine. The program is designed to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy and kindness. CCT has been taught in healthcare, police departments, prisons, workplaces, universities and different community organizations. I am authorized by CCARE-Stanford University and the Compassion Institute to teach the Compassion Cultivation Training - CCT©.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I hold an MBA from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. I relocated to United States in 2008 to continue working in global business.

My goal is to improve lives and community health. I am grateful to work with communities in the U.S. and Costa Rica to bring the benefits of compassion training, yoga, and meditation to adults and teens. I have experience working with individuals with PTSD, chronic pain, disabilities, victims of domestic violence, anxiety and sleeping problems. I am the founder of Genuine Compassion, a company dedicated to providing Compassion Education, Yoga and Mindfulness programs for workplaces, community and non-profit organizations.

I am honored to facilitate Compassion Cultivation Training (Bio). Learning, studying and practicing compassion has enriched my life in so many positive ways. Planting the seed of compassion in my own life has helped me to rejoice in the beauty of our humanity, find strength of spirit and live with more joy. I keep this experience and purpose at the core of my teaching. I want others to learn about compassion cultivation and I look forward to sharing with you how compassion can support you in your every day life!


Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a customized workshop or class on Compassion Cultivation Training, or would like to include CCT related content in an existing event.

Information in Spanish available at www.cultivacompasion.com

Why cultivate compassion?

In the following video, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, Erika Rosenberg, PhD, Philipe Goldin, PhD, and Geshe Thupten Jinpa, PhD, principal author of CCT, speak to the power that cultivating compassion has in transforming human relationships at every level, from one's relationship with one's own self, one's relationship with family members, on up through the relationships that make society.

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May we be medicine for those who are sick,
A partner for those who are lonely,
A bridge for those who need to cross over,
And light for those who are blind.
— Śāntideva